About the Conference


We are a leading association for educational assessment researchers and practitioners in Europe. Established in 2000, our principal aim is to foster connections and developments in assessment across Europe and beyond. We have an Annual Conference with over 200 delegates, representing over 25 countries, a LinkedIn site, Newsletter, professional accreditation and awards for assessment research.

Networking at conferences has led to many long-term collaborations and joint projects across Europe. Without the Association, some of these connections would have been difficult to form. Our members tell us that coming to our conferences is incredibly helpful to them professionally because they meet a body of international experts who are tackling similar problems of research and practice in assessment. We are still small enough that it is possible to ask questions and converse with our speakers in the many networking opportunities that we facilitate during the conference.

In recent years, we have opened up the Association to doctoral students by offering doctoral membership rates. Young and new researchers are key to the future of the assessment field and we welcome them.

Our Council is made up of elected representatives from across Europe and we work hard to ensure geographical representation on our committees, so that we take the organisation forward in a way that takes into account the different cultural contexts in Europe. With so many languages spoken by our members, we have been forced to have an Association language – English - so that we can communicate effectively.

Over the next few years we will be seeking to consolidate our achievements and support the field to an even larger extent. We welcome new members to the Association and to our conferences.

Guri A. Nortvedt President, AEA-Europe

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