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Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, is bisected by the Vltava River. Nicknamed "the City of a Hundred Spires," it's known for its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated hourly show. Completed in 1402, pedestrian Charles Bridge is lined with statues of Catholic saints.

Rising above the city on a steep hill, 9th-century Prague Castle is now the seat of the Czech president. The castle's St. Vitus Cathedral includes windows designed by art-nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. The city's former Jewish Quarter is home to the Old-New Synagogue, Europe's oldest active Jewish house of worship, and the Old Jewish Cemetery, with thousands of vertically stacked graves. New Town's main boulevard is lively Wenceslas Square, where art-nouveau buildings house shops and cafes. Letná Park, with views over Prague's bridges and red rooftops, has a large beer garden.

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Prague is a beautiful city with a long tradition of effort to preserve its historical city center. There are a lot of sights you'll want to see during your visit. You can plan various nice walks through the city. Just pinpoint the places you want to see and then plan a route to follow. Places you want to see:

The Charles Bridge

You can visit the Charles Bridge any time of the day you want and still be amazed. Unless you don't like crowded places, there are a lot of people during the day although the visit is totally worth it. During the day you can admire a lot of artists and crafters trading their skill. There is also a beautiful view of the castle and the river Vltava.

The Charles Bridge was commissioned by the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1357. It is said that egg yolks were mixed into the mortar to strengthen the construction of the bridge even though there is no evidence of it happening, it could be just a legend nevertheless people in Prague are very proud of local legends and tales.

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Prague castle

Prague castle was built in 9th century and is the most visited tourist sight in Prague. It holds a Guinness record in being the largest ancient castle in the world. Nowadays it is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic and throughout history it has been a seat of power for kings, emperors and presidents.

If you are a historical enthusiast you should definitely give this place a visit. There are several tours available, even night tours if you like extraordinary experiences. Usually there are very long queues at the security check. There is no certainty which entrance will be the least crowded but the longest queue used to be by the north entrance – you can get there from the tram station called "Pražský hrad" but you will most likely be stuck there for at least half an hour. Probably the best way to get to the castle is to go up the castle stairs that lead all the way up from "Malostranské náměstí" to the castle itself. If you are not into history that much you can still admire the beautiful gardens in the south part of the castle complex.

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Old Town Square

During your stroll through the city you should stop at Old Town Square and have a look at the Astronomical Clock. It is a very crowded place and is best visited at each hour on the hour mark as there is a mechanical show going on the clock tower which you can watch from the outside.

There are regular markets being held on the Old Town Square throughout the year. If you want to do some shopping you can do so in the near Pařížská street. There are a lot of luxurious boutiques with watches and expensive clothes. You can also find a lot of luxurious restaurants around this area, like Les Moules, a frech restaurant. You should definitely have dinner there if you love seafood, the prices are quite high but the staff and the food are amazing. But more about the restaurants later...


Prague has a lot of beautiful and interesting museums, some with permanent expositions and some with temporary ones. If you want to have a quick tour through the history of Czech art, you should definitely visit "Veletržní palác" where you can find art from several historical eras.

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If you are into modern art you should definitely give a visit to DOX. It is a modern building usually having several exhibitions at the same time. It is an exceptional building and as stated on their website, their mission is to create a space for research, presentation, and debate on important social issues, where visual arts, literature, performing arts, and other disciplines encourage a critical view of the so-called reality of today's world.

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If you would like a gallery that is more cozy and still accessible, you can try to visit MuMo, Museum Montanelli located just mere 2 minutes from "Malostraské náměstí" – maybe on your way to the castle? It is a private-owned gallery focusing on contemporary art.

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If you have time during the evenings and have no idea where to grab a bite or sit down for a nice dinner, here are a few tips:

Naše Maso

If you love yourself some meat you should definitely give Naše Maso a visit. It is a place where you can grab a quick bite, like a burger takeaway, or you can sit just outside the shop – although sometimes you have to be very lucky because the place can be very crowded. It is quite new but very popular and certainly worth the wait. You can order a burger here or the traditional czech beef steak tartare.

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Čestr is a restaurant where they value good beer and traditional czech meals. You can ask the professional waiters there to recommend you something. They have the best meat menu you can find in Prague and you will certainly appreciate the welcoming atmosphere.

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Winefood market is a place where you can mainly find italian food. They serve the best pasta in town. If you're not that much into meat, you can also find a lot of vegetarian meals there. The place looks like a huge dining room. You can stroll around the stalls and admire the fresh goods so that you can order everything at the cashier's desk, sit down and they will bring the food to you. You can peek into the stalls where you can for example observe the process of making their various kinds of fresh pasta.

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If you want more tips on where to eat, you can find a really nice guide here.