Presenter information

Presenters of papers and leaders of discussion groups, symposia and pre-conference workshops should upload their presentations on to the desktop of the computer in the room where they will present. Please make sure that your presentation is uploaded well before the session, preferably at the start of the day; you are advised to check that it will run correctly and, in particular, that any links to other sites are functioning. For information on uploading or in case of any difficulty you are requested to speak with the information desk.

All the rooms have a conference computer for the speaker, LCD projector, a flipchart, and writing materials. Please note that if you prefer to use your own hardware (Mac, HDMI connector etc) you should provide any necessary power cables and cables to link to the audiovisual equipment in the room. Please, If you want to use your own hardware, let us know 14 days in advance before conference. Please note that in Czech republic electric sockets and plugs are those used in whole Continental Europe(type E,F  with 2 round pins). Presenters should check before presentation that it is possible to access any on-line materials or sites linked to in the course of their presentations and that these run as required.

Poster presenters

Each poster will be given a dedicated spot in the poster area. You will be expected to attend to present your poster during the poster session in the programme. You will be asked to give a short 60 seconds introduction to your poster orally when the poster session opens.

The poster format is particularly appropriate for visual displays and work in progress. Posters should be prepared in maximum A0 size, and Portrait orientation.