About Nijmegen

NIJMEGEN - Old city, young vibe!

The Netherlands’ oldest city is still young at heart; Nijmegen cherishes its historical treasures while simultaneously embracing renewal. Nijmegen’s abundant natural beauty, thanks to its riverside location, combined with its wide range of sporting and cultural activities mean that this city on the River Waal has something for everyone.

Over two thousand years ago, the Romans settled in Nijmegen with good reason – they saw the area as having plenty of potential. Admittedly, in those days ‘Nijmegen’ was little more than a hill next to a river, but it was a very nicely situated hill offering a terrific view. Nowadays you can find traces of the Roman history in the museums and – if you look closely enough – in the city’s streets too.

The other face of Nijmegen

Despite being the Netherlands’ oldest city Nijmegen retains its sense of youth, partly thanks to the thousands of students in the city: Radboud University, Radboud University Medical Centre and HAN University of Applied Sciences. They help to give the city a hipster vibe, ranging from trendy coffee bars and concept stores to a wide choice of nightlife and live music venues. In the summer months, this self-proclaimed ‘Summer Capital of Holland’ organizes events that also attract visitors from much further afield. For an overview of all the activities, see summercapital.nl.

Spend a day in Nijmegen

Visitors love the city centre because of its combination of charming pavement cafés and restaurants as well as its entertainment, modern shopping centres and charming boutiques. Everything is within walking distance and the city is a great example of how well old and new can combine. One minute you’ll be buying clothes in the oldest shopping street of the Netherlands, and the next, you’ll be moving on to a trendy lounge café for a drink. Alternatively, you might choose to sit outside at one of the many high-quality restaurants on the Waalkade and enjoy the fantastic views overlooking the river. Nijmegen offers interesting museums like the Valkhof Museum and the muZIEum. Alternatively you can seek rest and relaxation at the Sanadome Spa.

The great outdoors

The Rijk van Nijmegen has some of the most attractive areas of natural beauty that the Netherlands has to offer. On the one hand, it has the river landscape nestled between the Maas and Waal rivers, which is an area of rugged natural beauty and home to the Ooijpolder and Millingerwaard. On the other hand, there is a fascinating hilly landscape in which the villages of Beek-Ubbergen, Berg and Dal, Groesbeek and Mook. You can find more information about the countryside in this area and its various landscapes from the visitors’ centre and museum at Natuurmuseum Nijmegen & Bezoekerscentrum Gelderse Poort or the Bastei.

If you enjoy getting out into the great outdoors, then Het Rijk van Nijmegen is the perfect destination. Get your walking boots ready because Het Rijk van Nijmegen is famous as the ideal area for walking. In fact, the area hosts the world’s largest walking event: the International Four Days Marches (Nijmeegse Vierdaagse)! Plan your own walks using Het Rijk van Nijmegen’s network of footpaths or choose one of the magnificent pre-planned routes such as the ‘Heumensoord Walking Route’, the ‘N70 Walking Route’ or the ‘Ommetje Bos and Kuil’. From the centre of Nijmegen you can walk straight into the wilderness where you’ll spot horses, beavers, deer and birds of prey.

The area also has many beautiful cycle routes. The wide and largely unspoiled area which makes up the Kingdom of Nijmegen has magnificent routes along winding dikes, through woods and over hills. The centuries-old farmhouses are reminders of yesteryear and if you want to stop somewhere on the way, we can recommend somewhere along the wine route in Groesbeek and a visit to a farm or vineyard. Groesbeek is, in fact, proud to call itself the wine village of the Netherlands. Some vineyards are open to the public all the time, while others have set opening times. In short, Het Rijk van Nijmegen is the place to be for the ultimate in walking and cycling! You can plan your route yourself by linking up the junctions between your chosen start and end points, or follow the directions on theme-based route. You can download entertaining theme-based routes or even plan a route yourself at lekkerfietsen.nl.