TI 2022

  • Date

    15-20 May 2022, Elba Island, Italy

  • Venue

    Procchio, Hotel del Golfo, Elba Island, Italy

  • Organiser

    T&I 2022

  • Year
    • 2022 (Upcoming conference)
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TI 2022

The TI 2022 conference is devoted to academic researchers as well as engineers from scientific institutions and industries. The fields covered by the conference are:
– aeronautics and space (plane design, rockets, engines, tactical objects and military applications, satellites, optimization of engines and reductions in pollutant emissions)
– energy (nuclear, fossil fuels, wind and marine power, optimization of resources, reduction of pollution, renewable energies)
– industrial processes (engines, chemichal reactors, heat and mass exchangers, fluidized beds, petroleum engineering, design of new material)
– environment (meteorology, cyclones, tsunamis, storms, port infrastructure, pollution in soils and rivers)
– high performance computing HPC (new algorithms and sovers, high order methods, mixed // computing, new architectures and GPU)

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