Best Paper Award

At 7th International Symposium on Model-Based Safety and Assessment (IMBSA 2020), the best paper award (Certificate of the Best paper) will be given by the scientific committee of the Model-Based Safety and Assessment based on both submitted paper and the oral presentation.

Currently, the following three papers have been nominated for the best paper award based on reviewers’ scores on the submitted papers.

  • Birte Kramer, Christian Neurohr, Matthias Büker, Eckard Böde, Martin Fränzle and Werner Damm. Identification and Quantification of Hazardous Scenarios for Automated Driving
  • Nungki Selviandro, Richard Hawkins and Ibrahim Habli. A Visual Notation for the Representation of Assurance Cases using SACM
  • Koorosh Aslansefat, Ioannis Sorokos, Declan Whiting, Ramin Tavakoli Kolagari and Yiannis Papadopoulos SafeML: Safety Monitoring of Machine Learning Classifiers through Statistical Difference Measures

After the oral presentation, based on PC Members votes, one the nominated papers will receive the Best Paper Award Certificate