Five Mini-Symposia were selected to be included in the ETMM12 conference program. Even if a tentative list of speakers was included in the descriptions provided below, any author can select  a mini-symposium instead of the main conference track when uploading his/her abstract.



We give the opportunity to anyone interested to organize a mini-symposium (MS). Proposals should be sent to the organizing committee ( no later than December 22, 2017. The acceptance of the proposal will be communicated to the organizers by January 26, 2018 and published on the conference website thereafter. Please consider the following guidelines and information when submitting your proposal.

General description

A mini-symposium is a session of at least five coordinated presentations on a single topic within the scope of the conference and of substantial current interest. The organizers should contact the speakers they wish to invite well in advance in order to assess the feasibility of the mini-symposium. A list of speakers who have agreed to participate might be included in the MS proposal. Note however that anyone submitting an abstract to ETMM12 (deadline February 16, 2018) can ask to be included in an accepted Mini-Symposium.

The papers submitted to a mini-symposium, even if invited by the MS organizers, will be subjected to the regular review by the scientific committee of the conference. Still, the organizers may provide the names of suitable referees for the reviews of the papers in their session. If accepted for oral presentation, any contribution to a mini-symposium will be subjected to the same rules as any other contribution (approx. 20 minutes duration in 3 parallel sessions)

MS organizers are expected to attend the conference and to chair their session. They also will have the possibility to define the order of the talks in their session as appropriate. They should make no commitment (neither financial nor regarding the program) on behalf of the ETMM12 organizing committee to any speakers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information.


The proposal should expose the topic of substantial interest that the MS will be addressing, identifying current research directions, methods and applications. The proposal must conform to this Word template, must not be longer than two pages including references and submitted in PDF format. Mini-symposia in which all or most of the speakers come from the same school/department/institution are strongly discouraged; instead, prospective organizers should select speakers based on the quality of their current research contributions to the chosen topic area as well as their capability to provide a relevant overview and/or bring new ideas for continued research. A mini-symposium organizer may speak in the mini-symposium he or she is organizing but does not have to.