LICS 2021 Distinguished Papers

Fusible numbers and Peano Arithmetic – Jeff EricksonGabriel Nivasch and Junyan Xu.

Positive first-order logic on words – Denis Kuperberg.

Inapproximability of Unique Games in Fixed-Point Logic with Counting – Jamie Tucker-Foltz. (co-winner of Kleene Award for Best Student Paper)

Separating Rank Logic from Polynomial Time – Moritz Lichter. (co-winner of Kleene Award for Best Student Paper)

Lacon- and Shrub-Decompositions: A New Characterization of First-Order Transductions of Bounded Expansion Classes – Jan Dreier.

A Logic for Locally Complete Abstract Interpretations – Roberto BruniRoberto Giacobazzi, Roberta Gori and Francesco Ranzato.

Orbit-Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces and Weighted Register Automata – Mikołaj BojańczykBartek Klin and Joshua Moerman.

Universal Skolem Sets – Florian Luca, Joel Ouaknine and James Worrell.

Compositional Semantics for Probabilistic Programs with Exact Conditioning – Dario Stein and Sam Staton.

Minimal Taylor Algebras as a Common Framework for the Three Algebraic Approaches to the CSP – Libor Barto, Zarathustra Brady, Andrei BulatovMarcin Kozik and Dmitriy Zhuk.