The evolving scholarly record: library stewardship roles in a fast changing multi-stakeholder ecosystem.

August 31, 2015


Titia van der Werf

Titia van der Werf is a Senior Program Officer in OCLC Research based in OCLC’s Leiden office. Titia coordinates and extends OCLC Research work throughout Europe and has special responsibilities for interactions with OCLC Research Library Partners in Europe. She represents OCLC in European and international library and cultural heritage venues.



Join OCLC Senior Program Officer Titia van der Werf for an introduction to the report “The Evolving Scholarly Record”, and OCLC Research’s agenda in this area.

The report, by Brian Lavoie et al., proposes a framework to help drive the discussion about the reconfiguration of roles associated with creation, management and use of the scholarly record in a fast changing research communication environment. We are convening our partners and inviting stakeholders to workshops to test the framework and identify stewardship issues that merit further exploration. Come learn about the outcomes of the workshops series held to date – in Amsterdam (June 2014), Washington (December 2014), Chicago (March 2015) and San Francisco (June 2015). In Malta, we will discuss pertinent issues in break-out sessions and your contributions will help to consolidate feed-back and inform our Research agenda.

Upskilling for Research Data Management: how do you train the Data Librarian?

August 31, 2015

Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox, Information School, University of Sheffield (UK). He was project director of the JISC funded RDMRose project and the Wicked ways with RDM project funded by the UK Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. He blogs on RDM @

Anna Maria Tammaro

Anna Maria Tammaro, University of Parma (Italy), Chair of the IFLA Section Library Theory and research. She has been teaching in the International Master DILL Digital Library Learning and has been doing research about Digital Curation together with interdisciplinary and international teams.


Information professionals, teachers, experts


As institutions develop Research Data Services (RDS) in respose to changes at the policy level, there are new demands on the workforce. This could be through the creation of new expert roles, such as Data Librarian, Data Archivist, Data Curator or Data Scientist. Library school curricula need to respond to this. It could also mean retraining existing LIS (and other professional support) staff to apply their existing competencies to RDM.

In the workshop we will discuss the kind of new roles being created to deliver RDS and the skills and mindsets needed to fill them. We will consider evidence about how the job market is developing, in the form of job adverts. We will also discuss the decisions that need to made to develop training for existing staff and existing reusable resources for training librarians to tackle roles in RDM will be reviewed.

Launch of DARIAH-Malta (open for foreign guests)

September 3 (Morning), 2015



Shaping the future for e-Publishing


Delegates of the ELPUB2015 Conference are invited to participate in this CRe-AM think-tank workshop, which aims at presenting and discussing experts’ visions, identified technology trends and forecasts for future evolutions of ICT for the e-publishing sector.

The workshop encourages e-Publishing stakeholders to voice their views about current trends and exchange ideas on future ones.   Results of the workshop will be shared with all participants and convergent plans (roadmaps) for future initiatives will directly inform EC policy & planning for the creative industries, thus enabling attendees to shape longer-term strategic planning at European level.

When: Thursday 3rd September 9.30 – 12.30

Format: Think-tank workshop (max 15-20 persons)

Topics: future scenarios, trends, gaps and technology roadmap

Organizer: Lattanzio Learning, CRe-AM project

Contact and registration: Please express your interest to contribute to this event  via email to: Fabrizio Giorgini, Lattanzio Learning, Director of R&D: or Marta Ariani, Sigma Orionis:


– Invited European innovators/creative from e-publishing

– Representatives of the EU funded project CRe-AM

About CRe-aM

The CRe-AM project aims to bridge communities of creators with communities of technology providers and innovators, in a collective roadmapping effort to streamline, coordinate and amplify collaborative work. This will be achieved by developing and mainstreaming new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and tools by addressing the needs of different sectors of the creative industries.

You can already join the growing CRe-AM EU-wide e-Publishing community as key stakeholders and benefiters of the project at

The role of knowledge maps for access to Digital Archives.

September 3 (Afternoon) and 4 (Whole Day), 2015


Organised by the KNOWeSCAPE COST action. The workshop is open for participants outside of the action. For more information please visit the KNOWeSCAPE website.

Scale, Openness and Trust: New Avenues for Electronic Publishing in the Age of Infinite Collections and Citizen Science

ELPUB 2015