Accepted Papers

On Modal Logic Association Rule Mining

Mauro Milella and Andrea Paradiso

On the domination number of t-constrained de Bruijn graphs 

Tiziana Calamoneri, Angelo Monti and Blerina Sinaimeri

Clustering Classical Data with Quantum k-Means

Alessandro Poggiali, Alessandro Berti, Anna Bernasconi, Gianna M. Del Corso and Riccardo Guidotti

LTLf Synthesis Under Environment Specifications

Antonio Di Stasio

On Compressing Collections of Substring Samples

Golnaz Badkobeh, Sara Giuliani, Zsuzsanna Lipták and Simon Puglisi

A Calculus for Subjective Communication

Marino Miculan and Matteo Paier

Synthesis of Mechanisms with Strategy Logic

Munyque Mittelmann, Bastien Maubert, Aniello Murano and Laurent Perrussel

Insights into the Complexity of Disentangling Temporal Graphs

Riccardo Dondi

On Counting k-Convex Polyominoes

Paolo Massazza

Counting on a rainbow connection (presentation only)

Robert Barish and Tetsuo Shibuya

Equality of corecursive streams defined by finitary equational systems

Davide Ancona, Pietro Barbieri and Elena Zucca

When a Dollar in a Fully Clustered Word Makes a BWT

Sara Giuliani, Zsuzsanna Liptak and Francesco Masillo

Computing eternal vertex cover number of maximal outerplanar graphs in linear time

Jasine Babu, K. Murali Krishnan, Veena Prabhakaran and Nandini J. Warrier

General Opinion Formation Games with Social Group Membership

Vittorio Bilò, Diodato Ferraioli and Cosimo Vinci

Nash Social Welfare in Selfish and Online Load Balancing

Vittorio Bilò, Gianpiero Monaco, Luca Moscardelli and Cosimo Vinci

Monad Transformers as Parametric Distributive Laws (presentation only)

Lorenzo Perticone and Ivano Salvo

On the Parameterized Complexity of the s-Club Cluster Edge Deletion Problem

Fabrizio Montecchiani, Giacomo Ortali, Tommaso Piselli and Alessandra Tappini

Distributed Programming of Smart Systems with Event-Condition-Action Rules

Michele Pasqua and Marino Miculan

Uniform Circle Formation for Fully, Semi-, and Asynchronous Opaque Robots with Lights

Caterina Feletti, Carlo Mereghetti, Beatrice Palano and Priscilla Raucci

A Java-like calculus with user-defined coeffects

Riccardo Bianchini, Francesco Dagnino, Paola Giannini and Elena Zucca

Educational Data Mining for inclusion (presentation only)

Donatella Merlini and Maria Cecilia Verri

On the Properties of Partial Completeness in Abstract Interpretation

Marco Campion, Mila Dalla Preda and Roberto Giacobazzi

High Performance String Matching Using Bit Layers Text Representation (presentation only)

Simone Faro and Arianna Pavone

Semantics in Skel and Necro

Louis Noizet and Alan Schmitt

Incremental NFA Minimization

Brian Riccardi, Riccardo Romanello, Alberto Policriti and Christian Bianchini