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Last updated: 02 May, 2018.

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Friday         25/5/2018

8:30-9:30         Registration

9:30-10:30       Plenary Session 1
Chair: John Macintyre

Keynote Speaker: Anastasios Tefas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Title: Deep Learning and Robotics: Perception, Control and Innovations

10:30-11:30     EAIS Session 1: Fuzzy 1 (FUZ 1)
Chair: Petr Hajek

Petr Hajek, Ondrej Prochazka, Wojciech Froelich
Interval-valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Stock Index Forecasting (full)

Vardis-Dimitris Anezakis, Lazaros Iliadis, Giorgos Mallinis, Konstantinos Demertzis
Soft Computing Forecasting of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Incidents based on Climate Change Scenarios (full)

Gabriella Casalino, Giovanna Castellano, Corrado Mencar
Incremental Adaptive Semi supervised Fuzzy Clustering for Data Stream Classification (full)

11:30-12:00     Coffee Break

12:00-13:00     EAIS Session 2: Learning – Deep-Adaptive (LEDAD)
Chair: Salvador Hinojosa

Fabio De Sousa Ribeiro, Francesco Caliva, Mark Swainson, Kjartan Gudmundsson, Georgios Leontidis, Stefanos Kollias
An Adaptable Deep Learning System for Optical Character Verification in Retail Food Packaging (full)

Nikolaos Passalis, Anastasios Tefas
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Frontal View Person Shooting using Drones (full)

Stamatis Karlos, Nikos Fazakis, Konstantinos Kalleris, Vasileios Kanas, Sotiris Kotsiantis
An Incremental Self trained Ensemble Algorithm (full)

13:00-14:00     Lunch

14:00-15:00     Plenary Session 2
Chair: Ilias Maglogiannis

Keynote Speaker: Georgios Yannakakis, University of Malta

Title: AI Designing Games for us... with (or without) us

15:00-15:15     Coffee Break

15:15-16:15     Plenary Session 3
Chair: Lazaros Iliadis

Keynote Speaker: John Macintyre

16:30-20:00     Boarding on the bus for the medieval Rhodes town guided walking tour

20:30-22:00     Welcome reception in the Aldemar Amilia Mare Hotel

Saturday    26/5/2018

8:30-9:30         Registration

9:30-10:30       Plenary Session 4
Chair: Yannis Papaefstathiou

Keynote Speaker: Plamen Angelov, Lancaster University, UK
Title: Empirical Approach to Learning from Data (Streams): Fast and Interpretable Deep Learning

10:30-11:30     EAIS Session 3: Fuzzy 2 (FUZ 2)

Kingsley Adjenughwure, Basil Papadopoulos
Constructing Fuzzy Numbers from Arbitrary Statistical Intervals (full)

Aikaterini Karanikola, Stamatis Karlos, Vangjel Kazllarof, Eirini Kateri, Sotiris Kotsiantis
Active Fuzzy Rule Induction (full)

Paulo Vitor Campos Souza, Gustavo Rodrigues Lacerda Silva, Luiz Carlos Bambirra Torres
Uninorm Based Regularized Fuzzy Neural Networks (full)

11:30-12:00     Coffee Break

12:00-13:00     EAIS Session 4: Optimization-Evolution 1 (OPEV 1)
Chair: Wojciech Froelich

Salvador Hinojosa, Diego Oliva, Erik Cuevas, Gonzalo Pájares
Real-time Video Thresholding Using Evolutionary Techniques and Cross Entropy (full)

Timo Krallmann, Martin Doering, Marek Stess, Timo Graen, Michael Nolting
Multi-objective Optimization of Charging Infrastructure to Improve Suitability of Commercial Drivers for Electric Vehicles Using Real Travel Data (full)

Edwin Lughofer, Robert Pollak, Alexandru-Ciprian Zavoianu, Pauline Meyer-Heye, Helmut Zörrer, Christian Eitzinger, Jasmin Lehner, Thomas Radauer, Mahardhika Pratama
Evolving Time-series Based Prediction Models for Quality Criteria in a Multi-Stage Production Process (full)

13:00-14:00     Lunch

14:30-15:30     EAIS Session 5: Machine Learning – Internet of Things (ML-IoT)
Chair: Gabriella Casalino

Adam Budai, Kristof Csorba
Supporting Semi-automatic Marble Thin-section Image Segmentation with Machine Learning (full)

Saemundur O. Haraldsson, Ragnheidur D. Brynjolfsdottir, Vilmundur Gudnason, Kristinn Tomasson, Kristin Siggeirsdottir
Predicting Changes in Quality of Life for Patients in Vocational Rehabilitation (full)

Kostas Kolomvatsos, Thanasis Loukopoulos
Scheduling the Execution of Tasks at the Edge (full)

16:20-16:50     Coffee Break

21:00   Conference Party

Sunday       27/5/2018

8:30-9:30         Registration

9:30-10:30       Plenary Session 5 - Tutorial
Chair: Petia Koprinkova

Tutorial: Yannis Papaefstathiou, University of Crete, UK
Title: Implementation of Hardware Accelerators for Machine Learning

10:30-11:30     EAIS Session 7: Evolving (EVO)
Chair: Omiros Iatrellis

Osman Elgawi, A. M. Mutawa
Embedded Vision System with Hardware Accelerator (full)

Neil Vaughan
Swarm Communication by Evolutionary Algorithms (full)

Gregor Černe, Igor Skrjanc
Initial Study on Evolving State Space Neural Networks (eSSNN) (full)

11:30-12:00     Coffee Break

12:00-12:40 EAIS Session 6: Optimization-Evolution 2 (OPEV 2)
Chair: Saemundur O. Haraldsson

George Tsekouras, Stamatis Chatzistamatis, Christos-Nikolaos Anagnostopoulos, Dimitrios Makris
Color Adaptation for Protanopia Using Differential Evolution-based Fuzzy Clustering:
A Case Study in Digitized Paintings (full)

Omiros Iatrellis, Achilles Kameas, Panos Fitsilis
EDUC8: Self-evolving and Personalized Learning Pathways Utilizing Semantics (full)

13:00-14:30   Lunch

16:10-16:30     Coffee Break

18:00-18:15     Closing Session



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