Accepted Papers

  1. A Deep Learning Framework for Wind Turbine Repair Action Prediction Using Alarm Sequences and Long Short Term Memory Algorithms C Walker, Callum Rothon, Koorosh Aslansefat, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Nina Dethlefs 
  2.  Towards Causal Model-based Engineering in Automotive System Safety Robert Maier, Lisa Grabinger, David Urlhart and Jürgen Mottok
  3.  Tool Paper: Time Series Anomaly Detection Platform for MATLAB Simulink Sheng Ding, Skander Ayoub and Andrey Morozov
  4.  An AEBS use case for Model-Based System Design integrating Safety Analyses and Simulation Bernard Dion, Bernhard Kaiser and Ilya Tolchinsky
  5. COMPASTA: Extending TASTE with formal design and verication functionality Alberto Bombardelli, Marco Bozzano, Roberto Cavada, Alessandro Cimatti, Alberto Griggio, Massimo Nazaria, Edoardo Nicolodi and Stefano Tonetta
  6. Component Fault and Deficiency Tree (CFDT): Combining functional safety and SOTIF Analysis Marc Zeller 
  7.  A Capella-based Tool for the Early Assessment of Nano/Micro Satellites Availability Guillaume Brau, Eric Jenn and Silvana Radu
  8.  Model-Based Safety Analysis: a Practical Experience Bertille Noisette, Sébastien Dobol and Laurène Monteil
  9. Plug-and-Produce… safely! End-to-End Model-Based Safety Assurance for Reconfigurable Industry 4.0 Daniel Hillen, Andreas Schmidt, Daniel Schneider, Nishanth Laxman, Denis Uecker, Jan Reich, Tom Huck, Patrick Schlosser and Christoph Ledermann
  10. Engineering Dynamic Risk and Capability Models to Improve Cooperation Efficiency Between Human Workers and Autonomous Mobile Robots in Shared Spaces Jan Reich, Pascal Gerber, Nishanth Laxman, Daniel Schneider, Takehito Ogata, Satoshi Otsuka and Tasuku Ishigooka
  11. Practical application of Model-Based Safety Analysis to the Design of Global Operating System of new rolling stock on automatic metro lines Anthony Legendre and Roland Donat
  12.  SafeDrones: Real-Time Reliability Evaluation of UAVs using Executable Digital Dependable Identities Koorosh Aslansefat, Panagiota Nikolaou, Martin Walker, Mohammed Naveed Akram, Ioannis Sorokos, Jan Reich, Panayiotis Kolios, Maria K. Michael, Theocharis Theocharides, Georgios Ellinas, Daniel Schneider and Yiannis Papadopoulos
  13.  Analysing the Impact of Security Attacks on Safety Using SysML and Event-B Ehsan Poorhadi, Elena Troubitsyna and György Dán
  14.  Performance assessment of an offshore windmill farm using AltaRica 3.0 Michel Batteux, Tatiana Prosvirnova and Antoine Rauzy
  15.  Strategies for modelling failure propagation in dynamics systems with AltaRica Tatiana Prosvirnova, Seguin Christel and Christophe Frazza
  16.  Keep your Distance: Determining Sampling and Distance Thresholds in Machine Learning Monitoring Al-Harith Farhad, Ioannis Sorokos, Andreas Schmidt, Mohammed Naveed Akram, Koorosh Aslansefat and Daniel Schneider
  17.  Modeling the Variability of System Safety Analysis using State-Machine Diagrams Lucas Bressan, André Luiz de Oliveira, Fernanda Campos, Leonardo Montecchi, Rafael Capilla, David Parker, Koorosh Aslansefat and Yiannis Papadopoulos
  18.  MBSA in aeronautics: a way to support safety activities Christophe Frazza, Pierre Darfeuil and Jean Gauthier