About the International Symmetry Society

The International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry was founded in 1989 to promote interdisciplinary research in the area of study of the forms of symmetry and the significance of the geometrical patterns in nature and society.

The topic was introduced for the first time in 1952, when Hermann Weyl published his fascinating book "Symmetry". Since then, it became an attractive subject of research in various fields. A variety of manifestations of the principle of symmetry in sculpture, painting, architecture, ornament, and design, in organic and inorganic nature has been revealed; the philosophical and mathematical significance of this principle has been studied.

During the 1980's the discussions concerning the nature of the world, whether it was essentially probabilistic or naturally geometric, revived the interest of the researchers to the topic. The intellectual atmosphere of this period facilitated the idea of establishment of a new institution devoted to the study of all forms of complexity and patterns of symmetry and orderly structures pervading science, nature and society, that ultimately led to the establishment of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry.

The International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry is registered in Hungary and serves as an anchor society for the following sister societies that are also focused on the same area of research.

The Affiliate organization in Japan:

"Katachi" literally means form, but the concept has complex meanings that can only be found in the Japanese understanding of the term. In Japan, the science of form is nurtured from generation to generation by an energetic community of researchers, known as "the Society for Science on Form, Japan," who study the way form and function are related. It can reveal the relationship between shape, function and meaning; the Society studies it in relation to everything from self-inflating sails for spacecraft, to new solutions for molecular biology, and even attractive mechanisms such as pop-up books.

The Affiliate organization in Latin America

  • The Sociedad de Estudios Morfologicos de la Argentina (SEMA)

History of Congresses

Starting from 1989 the International Symmetry Society Congress has been held every three years in capital cities and famous centers of scholarship.

Previous congresses

Interim full conferences have been held

  • 2002 In Brussels, Belgium
  • 2008 in Lviv, Ukraine
  • 2009 in Cracow/Wroclaw, Poland

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