Open Call

We call for

  • Individual papers
  • Proposals for workshops
  • Proposals for cultural events (painting / sculpture exhibitions, concerts, poetry evenings, theatrical happenings, etc.)

Please prepare your proposals according to the submission guidelines (submission is contingent to registration – payment of fees is not necessary at this early stage).


Official languages of the Conference are English, French and German.

Call for Individual Contributions

Please submit a one-page version of your paper along with brief biographic data, by using the given Paper Template in "doc" or "rtf" and "pdf" formats. Pictures must have resolution higher than 300 dpi.

An important principle of the Conference is to encourage interdisciplinary discussions. Thus, all contributors should be mindful to structure their presentations as to make them accessible to wide scientific and artistic publics. No jargon and as little as possible technical information should be used. The technical details can be given in the references.

Deadline for the Submission of Individual Papers: May 30th, 2016 Extended to 12th June 2016.

Rules for multiple presentations

  • No more than one individual paper contribution.
  • One might present a second paper of which one is a co-author; in this case, the main author of this paper must formally submit the paper and must be formally registered as a participant.
  • The same holds for invited speakers: Presentation of an additional individual contribution of which one is a co-author is possible, but then the main author of this paper must be formally registered as a participant and must formally submit the paper.
  • No individual paper can be submitted in addition to paper included to be presented as part of a workshop.

Call for Workshops

Workshops dedicated to a specific topic can be proposed by any team consisting of at least three (3) persons, by submitting the Workshop Proposal Form.

Deadline for the Submission of Proposal for a Workshop: May 22nd, 2016.

Call for Cultural Events

Please submit a description of the event / activity (exhibition, concert, performance, poetry evening, happening) along with short information about the organizers, by using the given Event Proposal Form in "doc" or "rtf" and "pdf" formats.

Deadline for the Submission of Proposal for a Cultural Event: May 22nd, 2016.