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We are EasyConferences,

a company with 30+ years . . .

… of experience in conference and meeting management for major academic institutions, corporate clients, the public sector, associations and institutes across Cyprus and abroad.

The company

Who we are

EasyConferences was established in 1991 and is a Cyprus Ministry of tourism accredited travel agency and a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce. Since our establishment we have completed hundreds of successful events and conferences all around the world. With our base being Cyprus, we coordinate events physically and remotely all over Europe and beyond.

We have developed our own software that is used very successfully by various associations year after year. Our extensive in-house team and longtime associates comprise of a group of people with great expertise and tremendous enthusiasm. We take great pride in what we do and we strive to deliver the best possible results and the most effective solutions under any circumstances.

We believe in

Clear communication

We extensively discuss the clients’ needs and explore the dynamics of each event to tailor-make our service package according to the specifics of the event and the participating community. That is why we remain in constant communication with our clients and are available at all times.

We believe in

Personal touch

The key to our philosophy is personal touch. The highest possible standard and quality is unachievable without the factor of the personalisation. We know that each event is unique on its own way. Personal contact and mutual respect with all our collaborators gives us one clear advantage: A tailor-made service for each unique conference, ensuring the best possible results. ALWAYS.

We believe in


The quality of our services is something that we are are proud of and a client’s smile is our reassurance. Nevertheless, we never stop striving to develop. We believe in change and evolution. We embrace new developments in the world of business and technology and use them to optimize our effectiveness to the maximum. The continuous investment in our enterprise is what allows us to venture beyond of what we thought is our full potential.

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