ICALP Speakers

    • Join the Zoom meeting for your session 5 minutes before the start of the session. Use your full name so that you can be identified. The session host will assign you to be a co-host so that you can share your screen.
    • Make sure you are in a quiet place with a good internet connection. 
    • You have 5 minutes for your live presentation. Please stick to time.


    • After the 1-hour session there is a 20-minute discussion session, in the same Zoom meeting as the main session but with a breakout room for each paper. When the session host opens the breakout rooms, go into the room for your paper – it will be identified by the sequence number of your paper within the session (from 1 to 6). Please stay in the breakout room for at least 20 minutes: there might be participants who want to discuss another paper first and then come to discuss yours. The host will end the meeting after 30 minutes.


    • There are a few drop-in technical test sessions from Monday to Thursday. You can find them in the “Technical Testing” track within the schedule inside Whova. If you want to test your video, audio, screen sharing and so on, join one of the sessions. You don’t need to book in advance.