Information for Authors

Information for authors presenting papers:

  • Registration is now open!
  • For each accepted paper, there must be at least one registration at the author rate. The deadline for this registration is 15th June.
  • The conference will be completely online, using the Whova platform and hosted by the University of Glasgow. Whova uses Zoom for conference sessions.
  • In addition to registering for ICALP, you will need to create a Whova account once you receive an invitation from us to joining the ICALP event on Whova. Please use the same email address that you use for the ICALP registration.
  • The technical programme is organised into sessions of 1 hour. Each session has 6 contributed papers. Each paper has a 5-minute live presentation followed by a 5-minute live Q&A session. Each paper also has its own discussion meeting during the break after the session. The presenter should join this meeting for further questions and discussion with interested participants.
  • Please produce a recorded video presentation of up to 25 minutes. The video should include subtitles/captions in order to increase accessibility. Subtitles/captions can either be embedded in the video or provided as a separate SRT file. These videos will be uploaded to YouTube by the conference organisers. The videos will be available to registered participants before and during the conference, and they will be publicly available after the conference on the ICALP 2021 YouTube channel.
  • The video can be in any format that YouTube accepts, which includes all common file formats. You are advised to do a test upload to YouTube yourself, to check that your video plays correctly. When you are ready to upload your video to ICALP, go to the Google Drive URL that you have received by email through EasyChair and put your file in the folder corresponding to your track and session number, with a filename consisting of the track and EasyChair paper number. If you have a separate SRT file, upload it with the same name and the .srt extension.
  • For example, if your paper is number 239 in Track A Session 1A, put the video in the folder ICALP2021-TrackA-Session1A with the filename A-239.mp4 (or with a different extension according to the file format). If you have a separate SRT file, put it in the same folder with the filename . IMPORTANT: The paper number should be the submission number from EasyChair, which is also listed in the Track A – Schedule and Track B – Schedule PDFs at the bottom of the Programme page.
  • The deadline for uploading videos is 22nd June.
  • If you can’t find the Google Drive URL, please contact
  • There are many ways of producing a video with subtitles. One way is to use Zoom to record a meeting in which you share your presentation screen. Zoom can generate subtitles which can be edited afterwards. You are advised to test the process of recording a short video, subtitling it and uploading it to YouTube, to check that everything works before producing your full video.